What is the Gin Journey?

The Gin Journey is an exploration into the world of gin. Be taken on a voyage of discovery by one of our expert Gin Guardians. We provide a boisterous insight into the world of gin while serving up delicious cocktails and samples of well crafted gin. Guests are whisked around by gin carriage to world class cocktails bars and era defining distilleries while most importantly, having a really lovely time.

The tour includes 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available.

*no hangovers guaranteed only when sticking to the prescription of your Gin Guardian.

Your Gin Guardians

Leon Dalloway - The Gin Boss

Negroni Nick

Cocktail Kate

Gin 'n Juice Jono

'Ginned Up' Jody Buchan

Max 'VICTORY Gin' Chater

Lewis ‘The Big Sloe’ Cooke

The Gin Journey has been recognised amongst Trip Advisor's top experiences across the UK. As a result, we're privileged to have been awarded a certificate of excellence in recognition of the positive feedback from our customers.

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Our Story

Approx – 5000 BC

-5000 B.C

The Gin Journey was a figment, the first recipe for beer was written in Mesotopia.

Approx – 1200 AD

-1200 A.D

Salerno monks used a touch of juniper in alcohol. Latter day Calpol.

Approx – 1500 AD

1500 A.D

The people of Flanders begin using juniper in grain spirit; Genever is the Dutch spirit of choice.



The first record of the use of the word ‘gin’ in the ‘Fable of the Bees’ by Bernard Mandeville.



The Martini is made popular throughout London high-society by Harry Craddock the American Head Bartender of the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, the Strand.

17th of August 2013

17th of August 2013

The Gin Journey is born, under the original moniker of Shake Rattle and Stir. Created by Leon Dalloway aka The Gin Boss as an approach to bring a fun and interactive gin tasting tour to the world. Blend gin, cocktails, London and ice in a mixing glass. Stir until chilled and serve.

12th of March 2014

12th of March 2014

Leon meets Cocktail Kate and they join forces to bring even more electric gin chat to the world.

12th of February 2015

12th of Feb 2015

The Gin Journey reaches one hundred five star ratings out of one hundred reviews and becomes the number one nightlife attraction for London on TripAdvisor. Start pouring those French 75s.

23rd of February 2016

23rd of Feb 2016

Gin Journey Manchester is launched and a fresh Northern flavour is shaken into the original concept.

24th of February 2016

24th of Feb 2016

Gin Journey Liverpool launches a day later and Cocktail Kate beams with pride throughout her home town.

31 of March 2016

31 of March 2016

Negroni Journey launches in London. We did a gin tour, so why not throw a Journey for our favourite cocktail? An Italian twist, let’s paint the town red.

27 of July 2016

27 of July 2016

Gin Journey Edinburgh launches. Whisky is lovely sure, but gin is bloody good too. We had to give the people of Edinburgh a chance to get ginny with us.

28th of January 2017

28th of January 2017

A historic day; The first time over 100 gin fans were on tours across the UK at the same time and the first date we ran a tour in Bermondsey, south London.

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