Cocktail Kate

Cocktail Kate

The first gin cocktail I ever drank?

Wow that’s testing me! I actually started strong with a French 75; served long over ice, with slices of fresh lemon in the glass - had me hooked as a bartending pup of 18!

First gin cocktail you ever made?

First gin cocktail I ever made was a ‘Living Room' classic - The Raspberry Collins; a Tom Collins with muddled raspberries and touch of raspberry liqueur. Effortlessly tasty and I would make hundreds on a Saturday night!

Favourite gin cocktail at 7pm?

Favorite gin cocktail at 7pm has to be a Fresh Southside. Freshens me up, clears that palette and it puts a spring in my step!

Favourite gin cocktail at 10pm?

A Martinez. It’s my fave way to end a meal, I love the sweet, biscuity, boozy balance - mmmm... too early for one now?

Favourite bar in the world?

Ooosshh, loaded question, and tough cos it’s totally up to my mood! But I think ‘Happiness Forgets’ has that rare ability to harness attentive service, world class drinks and create a party vibe all at the same time. So I’m going for that one…. at the moment 😉