Lottie Barnard

Lottie Barnard

The first gin cocktail I ever drank?

I was out on the town for my 18th birthday in a bar in London. My lovely Mum ordered me a Southside (gin, mint, lime), I really don’t love mint so it wasn’t love at first sip. I have since thankfully fixed my relationship with gin and gin cocktails.

First gin cocktail you ever made?

My first cocktail job required me to learn the top 100 classic cocktails. I can’t say for sure which gin cocktail I made initially, what I can say with a degree of certainty, I properly butchered it.

Favourite gin cocktail at 7pm?

I’m going to be drinking a 50:50 (gin:dry vermouth) Martini with an olive and a twist. Why do you need to decide when you can just have it all?

Favourite gin cocktail at 10pm?

If I’m still out at 10pm I’m probably on the G&Ts, if I’m still on the cocktails please call me a taxi!

Favourite bar in the world?

My favourite bar has to be Lucky Liquor in Edinburgh. The drinks are creative and delicious, the concept is fresh and the service is top notch. Just go!

Lottie Barnard