Max ‘VICTORY Gin’ Chater

Max 'VICTORY Gin' Chater

The first gin cocktail I ever drank?

Dry Martini. Beefeater and Martini Dry at the first cocktail bar i worked in up in Leeds. At the grand old age of 18.

First gin cocktail you ever made?

Same as the above. I was making it for myself! On the advice of the owner when I told him his Vodka martini was bland. Actually this is what lead me to start making my own ingredients for cocktails. I infused his Stoli with bay leaf and lemon. Just to make his Martini more interesting. That was the day that started my journey towards being a distiller.

Favourite gin cocktail at 7pm?

It kind of has to be a Negroni right. VICTORY, Cellar Door and Verano Americano. All equal on a rock with an orange wedge. Don’t stir!

Favourite gin cocktail at 10pm?

Gibson time! A little wetter than my 18 year old self would drink a martini. Plus just a few dashes of Amontillado and at least two onions. Made with VICTORY GIN and Noilly Prat.

Favourite bar in the world?

Ah Man that’s not fair. I think i’d have to go with the Camparino in Milan. Not only the birthplace of the Americano. The home of Campari and the place Davide was born but also where Maire and I started our night out in Milano the day I proposed. To stand at the bar on the corner of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and sip a Nergoni whilst looking out across the square at the Duomo is a pretty spectacular moment.