The Negroni Journey

The Negroni Journey

2017 is done. We did 9 Negroni Journeys over 3 days in 4 cities. We'll be back for more Negroni Journeys during Negroni Week in June 2018.

Gin, Campari, Vermouth. A serendipitous combination creates the kingpin of the aperitivo. The Negroni Journey is here to take you on an exploration of this ruby red Italian drinking gem of a cocktail. It’s the same vibe as the Gin Journey just all about the Negroni.

You think you’ve slipped into a little bit of drinking heaven? Yes indeed you have. We’ve put together a program of classics and twists, using varied vermouths and gins yet only one Campari to celebrate the Negroni the best way we can.

The tour includes:

- 5 full serve Classic Negronis/Negroni twists
- a ‘Gin Bus’ chauffeur drive from bar to bar
- your very own Negroni Guardian (Journey host)
- and a ridiculous amount of fun.

(There’s an opportunity to eat during the Journey but food is not included in the price.)

The Negroni Journey. We are rolling in 4 cities for Global Negroni Week (which is 6-12 of June); Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh we’re coming for you.

Watch out London Cocktail Week the Negroni Journey is showing up for the best week of the year too! Salute.