The first gin cocktail I ever drank?

My first ever experience of drinking gin was stealing a bottle off of the grown ups when I was at a party, then swigging it neat (and hating it) whilst trying to impress girls upstairs. Does that count? Kinda Lawrence, Kinda

First gin cocktail you ever made?

The first bar I ever worked in was a party bar on a Spanish beach, so I think the first gin cocktail I learnt was a Singapore Sling which we garnished with multiple sparklers. When in Rome.

Favourite gin cocktail at 7pm?

I think that's a Negroni - just dump all the ingredients over some good ice, no need to waste time stirring either so that I can throw them into my face faster. Oh yes delicious Negroni, you will be mine.

Favourite gin cocktail at 10pm?

A definite guilty pleasure Schofferhofer (low abv Belgian grapefruit beer) with a shot of rhubarb gin in it, don't knock it until you've tried it.

Favourite bar in the world?

Mother, in Toronto. I’ve never had my mind blown by a drinks menu than I have there, it was huge. The drinks were impeccable and the place was buzzing. That's all you need for a belter night.