Private and Corporate UK

Private and Corporate Events UK

For all your gin drinking cocktail swilling needs we are right here.

Whether it’s a Private Gin Journey, hands-on Gin Masterclass for you and your clients, or a friend’s birthday party, we’re here for it

Want a bar at your party or event? You got it. We can do that too. A one station bar in your home or a multi-station cocktail experience at your offices? We’ll bring expert mixologists and delicious booze to make your event go swimmingly.

All our private events are available in both the U.K. (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Leeds, Chester) and Australia (Sydney)

To inquire for London or Sydney please email: [email protected]

To inquire for Liverpool, Leeds or Brighton please email: [email protected]

To inquire for Manchester or Chester please email: [email protected]

Private Gin Journey

Bespoke to you and your needs. A Gin Journey around your favourite city. We can arrange it at a time and date that works for you, and scale the bars and our presentation back if needed.

Here’s what you get:

  • 5 gin cocktails, 5 samples of gin
  • A mini-bus to 5 of our brilliant partner venues including a distillery
  • Hosted by an expert Gin Guardian
  • Food provided at one of our partner venues - to be agreed by the lead guest

Approx price £50-100pp

Minimum 10 people, Max 25

Gin Masterclass

We’ve partnered with some of the U.K's finest gin drinking establishments to house our fun yet informative masterclasses.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 gin cocktails, 4 samples of gin
  • Gin masterclass by an expert Gin Guardian
  • One of London's premier gin drinking establishments

Package price: £70pp

We have a range of distilleries we partner with. East London Liquor Co (London) and Jim and Tonic (London), City of Manchester Distillery (Manchester).