¿Tequila or tequila?

Tequila: So Proper it Needs to Be a Proper Noun

Tequila is not just any ordinary drink – it’s a proper noun. You may wonder why Tequila is considered a proper noun. Well, let’s break it down.

Tequila, The Friend Who Can’t Be Described as ‘Just Anyone’ Tequila is a unique product that can only be made in certain regions of Mexico, and is subject to strict criteria in order to be considered authentic. It’s like if your friend could only be described as a six-foot-tall vegan who loves the color yellow and is obsessed with crossword puzzles. That’s a proper noun if I’ve ever heard one.

Tequila, The Fancy Friend Who Means Business Tequila is also a geographical denomination of origin recognized by the Mexican government. That means if you try to pass off some other type of blue agave-based liquor as Tequila, you’re in for a world of legal hurt. It’s like if your friend had a trademark on their name and sued anyone who tried to use it without permission. Tequila is a fancy friend who means business.

Tequila, The Proper Noun That Demands Respect And let’s not forget the capitalization factor. Common nouns aren’t usually capitalized, but proper nouns are. So if you want to show Tequila some proper respect, you better capitalize that T. It’s like if your friend had a title, like Sir or Dame or Captain, and you refused to address them by it. That’s just rude.

In conclusion, Tequila is not just any ordinary drink – it’s a proper noun that represents the unique qualities and characteristics of a specific product from a specific region of Mexico. So the next time you’re sipping on some Tequila, remember that you’re not just drinking any old liquor – you’re imbibing a proper noun that demands respect and recognition. Cheers to that!

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