COVID Playbook

COVID Playbook

Gin Journey is committed to providing as safe of an environment as possible to ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with us. Below are some of the steps we are taking to operate a COVID safe event. If you have any feedback or suggestions please get in touch at

  • Please stay at home if you are showing any symptoms or if you have had any possible contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days
  • We will be keeping our capacity levels low until we are able to open up with bigger tours
  • We will run walking tours where possible and the buses will be half capacity when we need to use them
  • Please bring masks, it is your decision on whether you think your social distancing is being compromised if it is please put it on
  • Temperature checks will be taken at the start of the event and they’ll be anti bacterial hand gel on the bus and at bars
  • Your Gin Guardian will be the point of contact for each venue in case there is a reported case at any venue we attend, Gin Journey will then get in touch via email if there has been an issue on your tour
  • We will ensure the driver will clean and disinfect the bus regularly and our bars and distilleries will clean and disinfect the Gin Journey area
  • The Gin Guardian is to ensure that there’s no physical contact between bubbles or physical distancing is broken throughout
  • We will communicate all of this and what is expected of attendees at the start of each Journey

Our updated COVID statement on new group gathering legislation:

Through our research into whether we are legally allowed to run our Gin Journey tours after the new group gathering legislation is set to be put in place, we have since discovered that we are.

Within the government legislation there has always been a distinction made between informal plans made by friends and plans made my business’ implementing COVID secure risk assessments,

Gin Journey is committed to ensuring all events are COVID safe and we will remain vigilant to ensure social distancing is maintained between all parties that join the tour. We are in a position where we can establish the social bubbles before the event through the booking system. We are also informing the guests to remain in their social bubbles throughout the event. Our Gin Guardian will be responsible for reinforcing this message at the start of the tour and ensuring social distancing remains between bubbles throughout the event.

We have also recently been granted the Good to Go certificate by Visit Britain for our COVID precautions which are highlighted in our COVID safe Playbook which can be found on our website and is sent to every group. We have mitigated the risks by putting measures in place including temperature checks, social distancing and COVID cleansing.

Finally we will inform all venues of the group numbers before the tour to ensure they will be receiving no groups of more than 6 (within the larger group of 12) and can remain legal during our visit. We are here to ensure no venues are put in a predicament they should not be. On the bus journey we will set out the group spacing before the tour so guests remain socially distanced, this is our responsibility and Gin Journey will ensure these measures are adhered to. We are adamant we can continue providing our guests with a safe and fun environment to enjoy their gin on our tours.