FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Not quite sure what it's all about yet? We're happy to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

How many people will be on a journey?
  • There will be 18 to 20 people on each gin journey, sometimes less, but we often sell out.

How do we get around?
  • Forget walking tours. The Gin Journey is chauffeur driven. Our Gin Carriage (posh mini bus) will chauffeur guests from venue to venue with the Gin Guardian providing chat and tunes along the way.

What time will it start?
  • On weeknights we kick off at 6.15pm. On Saturdays we start at 1.45pm.

And finish?
  • On Saturdays we finish at around 6:30pm and on weeknights at around 23:00. Depending on how long the journey takes this can change a little.

How many drinks do I get?
  • You will typically receive one beautifully crafted gin cocktail and one gin sample, per person, per bar. For the mathletes amongst you, you will have worked out that's ten drinks each!

Can we eat on the Gin Journey?
  • Food is not provided as part of the ticket price but during the Journey we stop at a venue where it is possible to order food.

Is the Gin Journey suitable for gluten intolerant guests?
  • Gin is made from highly distilled spirit, during the distillation process the gluten from the base product is all but removed. Unless extremely sensitive to gluten the Gin Journey is suitable for the gluten intolerant.

Can your child join the Gin Journey but not drink?
  • Unfortunately not. The majority of the venues we use do not have the license the accept minors onto their premises. You must be of legal drinking age to attend the Gin Journey.

Do you accept Hen or Stag parties?
  • To all hen and stag parties, although we understand you want a fun day out and we appreciate your business. I'm afraid this tour is not suitable for that style of event. We visit high end bars where a certain type of behaviour is expected and there's zero on hen and stag paraphernalia. We also know that not all groups should be tarnished with the same brush but we need an umbrella policy to protect ours. If you wish to join us for an event please enquire about a bespoke event with us here.

What is your cancellation policy?
  • Once your payment has been made, we do not accept cancellations for refunds. To amend your dates you will need to let us know 14 days before the event. This is applicable to Gift Voucher bookings also. If there is a COVID issue please let us know and we will rebook you.

What is the accessibility like for people who are less abled walkers on your Gin Journey?
  • The Gin Journey is a tour that aims to visit bars which are off the beaten track and therefore some of the venues may a bit harder to access. Please email us to find out the exact route of the tour and you can then decide whether if it is a tour you wish to attend. We will do our best to ensure those that are not full mobile can enjoy the tour as much as everyone else.

Where are the terms and conditions?
  • You can find them here.